Congratulations to all participants in the 2017-18 Reflections program!
Thank you to the Stiles Middle School faculty, staff, and PTA for supporting the Reflections Program. Particular thank you to the literature and fine arts teachers and principal Maples. Also, Reflections would not be possible without our amazing students and their supportive parents. Stay tuned for information about Reflections 2018-2019.
-Rebecca Merrill, Reflections Chair
 A World Within Reach**  Jacob Tacdol Award of Excellence
 So Close   Corinne Cancila  Award of Merit 
 Destination is on Your Right*   Emma Schoening   Award of Excellence
Visual Arts    
 A Goal for My Team  Bradley Song  Honorable Mention
 Make a Wish To My Lantern    Rachel Song  Honorable Mention
 Just Reach a Little Higher    Dylan Harrison  Award of Merit
 The Climb    Kendall Featherstone  Award of Merit
 At Your Fingertips*    Catherine Kingsada  Award of Excellence
 Just Below the Surface*    Malea Semmelmann  Award of Excellence
 Destination  Ishika Bhasin  Honorable Mention
 Reaching the Unreachable    Praneeth Sajja  Honorable Mention
 The One Within Reach    Chloe Nguyen  Honorable Mention
 We    Praneeth Sajja  Honorable Mention
 My Hallway Companion    Ishika Bhasin  Award of Merit
 The Mental Raid  
 Ishika Bhasin  Award of Merit
 True Potential  
 Meghna Vergis  Award of Merit
 Born and Raised*    Raiyan Shaik  Award of Excellence
 Perfect**   Ishika Bhasin Award of Excellence
  * moved on to District 
** moved on to State